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To receive the cheapest car insurances, you must be certain that your insurance company is providing you with all of the discounts that you qualify for. If you do not know what these discounts are you may be missing out on something you didn't know was available. The discounts that are procurable and the qualification process for a discount will vary from one company to the next. There are some discounts that are very common among most carriers. Multi-line discounts are known to be standard for car insurances. Be aware that having both your auto and homeowners insurance at the same company will help you qualify for a multi-policy discount. All the drivers in your family should be on the same policy. You will qualify for a discount if you have more than one driver on your policy. A husband and wife should carry their insurance through the same company and policy. Generally, car insurances offer discounts for vehicles which have safety devices installed in them , such as anti-lock brakes and air-bags. Anti-theft devices also help reduce insurance rates. Most providers will offer deductions for vehicles equipped with On-star, car alarms and ignition cut off switches. Contacting your agent to ensure that you are acquiring any discounts that pertain to you is important to getting cheap car insurance.