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For cheap cheap car insurance be sure and inquire about discounts. Some discounts are standard practice but others are not. Most people are aware that there are discounts for having a good driving record. There are many more obscure types of discounts that individuals do not frequently have knowledge of. Less commonly known discounts that can help you attain cheap cheap car insurance may be related to your line of work. Statistics show that people who choose certain career paths are generally safer drivers. Occupations which often have the lowest insurance rates include artists, scientists, and pilots. There are also occupations which are more likely to increase your insurance rates. These jobs are associated with requiring long working hours and are more stressful than the average job. Included in this group are people that have chosen to be doctors, lawyers, executives and business owners. Cheap cheap insurance can also be attained through discounts like the low mileage discount. A lot people are not aware that you may be rewarded with a discount if you do not drive many miles a year. Insurance companies may offer this discount for individuals who drive less than 5,000 miles annually. If you take public transportation to work or are involved in carpool, you may qualify for this discount.