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One sure fire way to procure the cheapest car insurances is by maintaining good credit. However, if you are one of those with not so good credit you can still save yourself a bundle. Insurance companies use many factors to determine your car insurance price. Having a good credit history is one of the ways to keep your costs low. Having a good credit score assigned to you by the underwriters will help you acquire the cheapest car insurances. Companies weigh how risky a person is to insure. Statistics show that people who have higher credit scores are more likely to avoid being involved in collisions that people with lower credit scores. Insurance companies use this type of data to determine your risk to the company. The price of your premium will be reflected in how risky the insurance company feels it will be to insure you. There are ways to secure a good credit score and get the cheapest car insurances. Paying your bills on time will increase your credit score. You can boost your score by maintaining low balances on your credit cards. You need to use credit in order to have a credit history. If is important to use a credit card, or you will not be able to show a credit history. Pay off your credit card each month, to show how you use credit responsibly.